Creating Portfolio


  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to Mighty CPT -> Portfolio
  • Click on create new and add the content according.
  • Save the post
  • Continue to do such to each of your FAQ entries

Customize the Color:

To customize the color you can go to Appereance->Customize->Portfolio settings and add the selected colors.

How to display the teams in frontend

  • Using shortcode: using shortcode you can show the team members on any page you wish, the shortcode used to display the teams is [mighty_portfolio columns="4"]
  • Using the archive page created by custom post type: without placing any shortcode you can access the team pages with /portfolio/ slug on your site, so if you site is you can access the team page at
    Alternatively you can also change the slug of the archive page, to change the slug you can go to Appereance->Customize->Portfolio Settings ->General settings and change the slug.

Changing the layout of the teams page

You can change the layout of the team page with the following 4 layouts available:

  • Full width Portfolio page
  • Portfolio With left Sidebar
  • Portfolio With right Sidebar

To change the layout go to Appereance->Customize->Portfolio settings->General settings and change the layout.


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