Creating Accordions

To create a accordion in mighty theme it’s very easy as we have used a custom post type to make the creation more easy.


  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to Mighty CPT -> Accordion
  • Click on create new and add the content according.
  • After adding all the texts copy the short code as shown in “shortcode to use in Page/post” section
  • Paste the shortcode in any text content or any widget to make the accordion appear properly.

Customize the Color:

To customize the color you can go to Appereance->Customize->Accordion Color settings and add the selected colors, there are 6 different color set available and you can choose those preset while creating the accordion.

Styles Available:

Currently, there styles available in accordion are as follows:

  • Accordions with icons: Font Awesome icons can be added to heading title if you wish, you can add these while adding the contents, to show the icons you should select the accordions with icons options on Accordions Style, else the style will not work.
  • Accordions without icons: This is normal accordion with title and content only.
  • Accordion with radius border style: This enable accordion title to show with border style.

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